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Contact lenses for some, are not just a wonderful alternative to glasses because they give an unlimited visual field, but provide the essential visual solution for their everyday life. Corneal conditions such as Keratoconus and Keratoglobus make it most of the time impossible for the patient to see clearly enough with glasses. The reduced and distorted vision with glasses, frequently affects disastrously the quality of life of such patients, especially if it is not adequate for driving or not adequate to keep such patients in employment.    

At Xenophontos Opticians we offer special contact lens fitting services not only for patients with corneal conditions like the ones mentioned above but also for patients who:

  • have undergone a corneal transplant; according to a study carried out at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, approximately 50% of patients with keratoconus who have undergone a corneal transplant, will need a special fitting contact lens after their surgery, in order for their vision to be improved adequately
  • suffer from sever dry eye syndrome which can cause serious eye discomfort as well as poor vision
  • are unable to achieve good vision with glasses because of trauma that they have been exposed to one or both eyes (such traumas usually involve the front surface of the eye)
  • are uncomfortable in bright light because of eye trauma that has affected the iris
  • have undergone unsuccessful refractive surgery in the past  and as a result can only achieve satisfactory vision with special fitting contact lenses


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‘Xenophontos Opticians’ was founded in 1994 and has been offering high quality optometry services ever since. We are strong believers of professional specialization and that all parties involved in the primary eye care of every community should work hard and together in order to achieve the best possible service to the public. At Xenophontos Opticians, each member of our vision care team is dedicated to provide personalized care to all our customers and all our optometry patients. Our entire staff in both shops is committed in ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of each and every patient. We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointment times that meet your needs. Our experienced staff will work with you to help you understand how to protect your vision and provide alternative optical solutions that best serve your lifestyle in order to ensure that you get the best vision care possible.

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The Agia Napa shop (1994) is a three level modernly decorated and fully equipped optical practice. It is situated on the central Archbishop Makarios Avenue, which is the main road of this well-known holiday resort, leading to its graphical harbor. The Nicosia shop (1995) is housed in a beautifully restored 18th century building in the heart of the revitalized center of old Strovolos. In 1988 the demolition of this building was averted by the intervention and protests of environmentalists. It carries more than a century of history and has an impressive height which is greater than 8 meters. The whole structure is supported by two majestic sculpted arches, while a wooden floor is complemented by rows of thick wooden beams holding up the ceiling.




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The personalized eye care and the careful attention given to every patient’s lifestyle visual needs, is our main characteristic.

Our aim is to provide the best possible eye service to all our customers and all our optometry patients, and that is the main reason that our esteemed clientele is not only continuously growing but is most importantly, repeatable.


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